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Using Tear Away Stabilizer with Your Fast Frames

Using Tear Away Stabilizer with Your Fast Frames


Looking for an easy way to use Fast Frames without using sticky stabilizer?  Below are step by step instructions on how to use Tear Away Stabilizer with your Fast Frames.

1. You will need the Fast Frame size of your choice, tear away stabilizer (I am using Inspira Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way for this project), masking tape or painter’s tape, Temporary adhesive spray, the garment you want to hoop, a fabric pen, clips, as graduated straight edge, and a pencil.

2. First thing you want to do is cut your stabilizer slightly larger than the fast frame you are using. 
3. Next, take your painter’s tape and tape the stabilizer to the back of your fast frame.
4. Turn the frame over and using your pencil and graduated straight edge, mark your horizontal and vertical center lines onto the stabilizer.

 5. Now that your center lines are marked, fold and tape the sides and bottom of the stabilizer to the fast frame.
6. It’s now time to hoop your garment.  In this tutorial, I am using a shirt.  Turn the shirt inside out and mark where you want the center of the design and a point above and below center to make sure the garment is lined up straight.

7. Lightly spray the stabilizer with your temporary adhesive.
8. With the garment still inside out, line up the placement marks on the garment with your vertical center line matching the center point on the garment with where the two lines intersect on your stabilizer. 

9. Carefully turn your garment right side out and smooth the other side of the garment to the stabilizer.  Make sure you get rid of any bubbles or air pockets.  Using your fabric pen, make your center mark on the front of the garment.
10.  Now attach the Fast Frame to the Fast Frame arm.  Place your clips around the garment on the edge of the frame. You are now ready to attach to the machine and start your project!

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