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Adding a Bow to your Applique or Embroidery Design

Adding a Bow to your Embroidery/Applique Designs

You will need the embroidery or applique design you want to use, a bow tackdown, and editing software that will allow you to merge designs. 


1.  Add your design and bow tackdown to your editing software.

Design opened in Embrilliance.


2.  I want one tack down stitch for each flip flop, so I copied and pasted the bow tack down so I have two.  Then I move and rotate the tackdown stitches so they sit on top of the flip flop just as I want.  Next, save out your design and transfer it to your embroidery machine.


 Bow tack down steps in correct place.


 3.  Now, it’s time to stitch out your design.  I have completed the design and it’s time to add the bow tack down.  Run the placement stitch for the bow. It’s a little hard to see in the photo below as I used white thread for the placement stitch.


4.  Now, using scotch or masking tape, tape your ribbon just over the placement stitch (shown above). I like to tape both sides of the bow. Run tack down stitch.  For this project, a premade bow you can find at most craft stores.  Now run the tack down stitch.  I run my machine at it's slowest speed while doing this to help avoid broken needles.



 5.  The design is now complete!  Remove tape, un-hoop and enjoy!


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